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Kreshco Pest Control is the best and authentic solution for the problems of Pests and rodents. The main objective and aim is to provide a pest free environment and remove all the pests and rodents from your place. We are here for the assistance of people and removes all the tensions and worries of pests. When you get rid of the problems of rodent and pest, keep in mind that we are here. The professional staff is trained enough to control the pests problems with the latest techniques and methods. When you schedule for a free estimate, give us a call. 


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For any query or estimate, give us a call or fill out our contact us form, we will be happy to assist you. We are 24/7 available for you.

Our expert and qualified staff will work hard to get rid of your pest problem. We use integrated pest management strategies to control pests in and around your home. We have the solution to your pest control problem.

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Kreshco Pest Control is the best in dealing with the problems and challenges of pests with the help of trained and professional staff, who are engaged in this process for many years. We have the best solutions and management strategies to eradicate and eliminate the pests from your place and make it completely hygienic with the assistance of advanced and modern technology. When Kreshco Pest Control is here then the pests are no more there.


Did a fantastic job! I had centipedes and spiders, and I didn’t see them again for at least 10 months after he sprayed. (Inside and outside, and the spray is safe for pets after it dries, in about 5 minutes) Great price, and super responsive and readily available when needed.

by Angie Kish

Kreshco was amazing!!! Thank goodness that we found a very kind and attentive company to deal with a situation at our Grandma’s house due to caregivers. Derek was so professional and informative.

by Elena G

Thanks a lot to Kreshco Pest Control I used them for a problem I had and everything worked out great thank you so much, Derek. I will refer you to friends and family

by Wanda Robinson

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