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Pests love dirty places and food leftovers. Few of them dwell upon material things and others hunt your beloved pets. Some cherish the food leftovers and others grow in the backyard. Whether they be bed bugs or fleas, you need to be vigilant enough to stop their growth. Once they intrude your personal space, it becomes difficult to eradicate them using “Do it yourself” approach. Many home remedies and tactics don’t work well for the pests. In such a case, taking services of the professional is preferable.

How we are different?

Kreshco Pest control has the edge of having certified pest control experts who know their job well. Whether you are suffering from the infestation of bed bugs or fleas or the buzzing sound of flies has annoyed you, it’s the time to take control of the situation. We provide pest inspection and implementation strategies to clean your surroundings. A clean environment is a deathbed for the pests.

Pests & our strategy

If the environment is conducive for pest infestation, the pests will grow multiple times. The bed bugs can multiply to thousands within a few months if a single pregnant female bed bug got unnoticed during pest inspection. If not controlled on time, it can be hazardous for human health. Our team will assess your place and devise a strategy to control the growth of pests. It is not a one-time event, but, a full-fledged process. We’ll keep you updated about the whole process, and guide you to avoid future infestations.

Take action

If you are facing infestation of fleas, ants, spiders, or bed bugs, call us right away. We’ll take care of the whole hassle, and rid your place of this these tiny creatures. Our team is ready to eradicate these pests from your home or office. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there to undertake a new challenge.

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